An Informational Resource for Cyclists in Central Virginia.

Note: All CBC rides are cancelled until further notice.

The Charlottesville Bicycle Club is a loosely-organized group of cyclists dedicated to riding as often as we can the hills, valleys, and occasionally the mountains of the greater Charlottesville region.  Club rides are free and open to all.  If you ride with us, you of course do so entirely at your own risk.

Requirements For Riders

All riders are required to have a helmet; a rear-view mirror is recommended.  You are also expected to have adequate fluids and a road-worthy bicycle in good repair.  Many rides, but not all, will include the opportunity to stop at a store to replenish supplies.

You should if possible be prepared to fix a flat tire and perform other minor repairs.  If you are new to cycling and are not comfortable with these procedures, don't let that stop you.  However, you might want to talk to a more experienced member before the ride so the group is prepared to help if necessary.

Finally, we recommend that you to be able to ride at an average speed of at least 14-15 miles per hour over 25-30 miles or more.  If you aren't yet at that level, or aren't sure if you are, see the New Rider Information page for suggestions.

Safety On The Road

The club considers safety to be our very highest priority.  Please review the information on the Safety page before you join us for a ride.

We hope that you will find this site helpful; your questions and comments are welcomed.