This page includes a selection of gravel road routes in the region, with links to maps, cue sheets, and directions to the starting points.  The Charlottesville Bicycle Club does not sponsor gravel rides; these routes are included here for your information..

Roads:  All routes listed here have a mixture of unpaved and paved roads.  With very few exceptions, all are official state roads.  Very occasionally, private roads are used as part of a route where there is a historical understanding that cyclists may use them (still, take this with a grain of salt and always be sensitive to their private nature).  Please do not use any other private roads without permission of the owners.

The quality of the gravel sections may vary greatly, from fairly well-packed with few potholes to surfaces that aren't much better than a fire trail.  You can expect plenty of potholes as well as heavy, unstable gravel and/or mud on some sections.  Weather and temperature can obviously affect these roads as well.

Equipment:  Road bikes are not recommended on any of these routes.  A sturdy hybrid, touring, or gravel bike with 32 mm tires or greater is adequate for most of these, but for those with steep climbs and in particular steep, technical descents a mountain bike with at least front suspension is recommended.  Whatever the type of bike, mountain bike gearing or something close will be a big help getting over the often steep hills.

Route List:  The routes listed below are organized by route name.  The Regional Map shows the approximate location of the various starting points; detailed locations are shown on the web page for each specific route.

Regional Map Of Starting Points:
Gravel Routes

Click on Route Name for full information about the route.  Distance is in miles. Climb data is in feet per mile.