Nelson - Amherst

Distance:  36 / 58 miles

Climbing:  65 / 75 feet per mile

Description:  A bit far from Charlottesville, this ride is well worth the drive.  The terrain is varied, including flatter, open stretches as well as hilly, wooded sections.  Enjoy the great mountain views.

Stores:  Mile 0 (Colleen); mile 10 (Lowesville); mile 21 (long route); mile 25 (long route); mile 23/46



1.  Both routes include 0.7 miles on US 29, a 4-lane road with high-speed traffic but with a good shoulder.  Use caution.

In the GPS screen, click on the 3 dots to download a GPX or FIT file.

Turn on Course Points to see stores.

Starting Point:

     Employee Parking Lot

     Blue Ridge Medical Center

     US 29 & Route 655

     Arrington, VA 22922

     GPS:  37.708025, -78.932829


From I-64, take US 29 south approximately 34 miles.  Turn left on Route 655 (Arrington Rd) then turn right immediately into the gravel Blue Ridge Medical Center employees parking lot.  Ignore the towing signs; we have permission to use the lot (weekends only).


Note:  On weekdays, do not park in the Medical Center parking lot.  Instead, park on the other side of US 29 near the Colleen Deli & Convenience Mart.  Use the area just south of the market next to the white building with the scaffolding.