This page includes a selection of paved road routes in the region, with links to maps, cue sheets, and directions to the starting points.  Most of these routes were created by, and are regularly used by, the Charlottesville Bicycle Club.

Roads:  All routes listed here are on paved roads (with perhaps a short unpaved section in one or two cases).  The quality of the roads, however, may vary considerably; you should be prepared for potholes, rough surfaces, bumpy bridges, and patches of gravel washed across the road by rain.

Equipment:  Standard road bikes are appropriate for these routes.  Because the terrain in most of the region is hilly or mountainous, you will find that low gearing is very helpful.  Compact double cranksets (e.g., 50/36) are commonly used by local riders, even many strong riders, and triple cranksets (e.g. 53/39/30) are not uncommon.  A large cog of 27 or 28 (or even larger) in the back is typical.

Route List:  The routes listed below are organized by starting point.  The Regional Map shows the approximate location of the various starting points; detailed locations are shown on the web page for each specific route.

Regional Map Of Starting Points:
Paved Routes

Click on Route Name for full information about the route.  Distance is in miles. Climb data is in feet per mile.